"The act of writing a song is a unique experience, unlike anything else I know. You have to be in the right mood and start with a clear mind. You must trust your initial feelings because at the beginning you don't really know where you're going."” - Paul McCartney

— The Lyrics

Drew Reilly

Singer-Songwriter from Ocean County, NJ

Drew Reilly, a talented alternative rock singer-songwriter hailing from Ocean County, NJ, is making waves in the music industry with his introspective lyrics, captivating vocals, and influential sound. Drawing inspiration from fatherhood, politics, and psychology, Drew's music delves into deep and thought-provoking themes, creating a unique and resonant experience for his listeners.

With influences ranging from legendary artists like Paul McCartney and Paul Simon to modern bands like Weezer, The Strokes and Vampire Weekend, Drew Reilly's music is a blend of classic and contemporary, with a distinct alternative rock flavor. His songs are characterized by evocative storytelling, catchy hooks, and powerful melodies that stay with audiences long after the music has stopped.

In 2021, Drew Reilly released his debut album titled "Tohubohu," which received acclaim for its innovative songwriting and emotive performances. The album showcased Drew's versatility as a musician and his ability to tackle complex subjects with depth and authenticity. It also gained him a growing fan base that eagerly awaits his future musical endeavors.

Drew Reilly is currently working on his upcoming album, "The Future is Fiction," which is set to be released in late 2023 or early 2024. The album promises to be another thought-provoking and genre-defying collection of songs that push the boundaries of alternative rock music. As a gifted songwriter and producer, Drew's new album is anticipated to further establish his reputation as a trailblazer in the music scene.

In addition to his upcoming album, Drew Reilly is set to release a new single titled "No More Billionaires" on May 16th, 2023. The song tackles timely and relevant issues, showcasing Drew's ability to blend social commentary with his signature sound. The single is expected to generate buzz and further elevate Drew's profile as an influential singer-songwriter.

With his talent for crafting poignant songs, his unique sound, and his dedication to pushing the boundaries of alternative rock, Drew Reilly is making a mark in the music industry. His music is resonating with listeners who appreciate his introspective approach and fresh perspective on contemporary issues.

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